Gentlemen, Good Men

I thought I would never say this but….ummmm, yeah, good men do still exist. I have had the pleasure of meeting two. Why do I say these men are good? Well, because…

1.Most importantly, they didn’t try groping me or molesting me.
2.They ask for hugs instead of demanding or taking them.
3.They seem concern for my well being. Checking on me periodically to see how I am doing. Calling me during the thunderstorm we experience the other day to make sure I was ok and in a safe place.
4.Lastly, but very important, they did not want sex the first time meeting or spending time with me. Completely shocking, I know!

What are a characteristics of a good man? I really don’t know… But for me, a good man is someone who is honest and genuine at all times and doesn’t compromise who they are for something that they want. A good man is confident and in control of their life and situation and mean you no harm. A man that adds to your situation to enhance your quality of life, not take away from your situation or deteriorate your quality of life.

According to Ask Men, the top ten traits of a real (good) man are:

3.Family oriented
4.Doesn’t participate in Gossip
5.Role Model material
8.Looks like a Man
9.House in Order

An article on, lists the following characteristics of a good man: integrity, honesty, maturity, positive attitude and self-confidence.

Only you can really determine what is a good man. You know your requirements and limitations. The same for men that are seeking a good woman. For me, I do believe that these men still exist and I have the pleasure of encountering two of them. I pray that more exist and others have the luxury of meeting them.