My Theory

I was going to write about why men today shy away from commitment. My initial theory was that there are more women then men but after reading the CIA’s “world reports” that theory doesn’t ring true. So, why do men shy away from commitment? Well…according to an article that I found on eHarmony, there are 10 reasons .

1.He’s not over his ex– a very good reason to not want to commit. There may be an inkling of hope that he may be able to hook up with his ex again especially if it was the ex that ended the relationship. This can also apply to women. I know there were times I did not want to be in a relationship because I thought I was in love with my exes and may be, just may be, we could get back together and work things out. Hope can be a good thing but sometimes it can be debilitating and prevent us from doing what we know we should really do…move on.

2.He had a bad experience with his ex—well this sort of falls in line with the previous reason. The bad experience keeps him from wanting to be hurt again. He is proceeding with caution because he is trying to protect his feelings and trying to ensure that he won’t repeat the same experience/mistake that happened with his ex.
3.He is already involved–women we know the signs. He texts or call you at awkward times or he takes his sweet time responding to yours or even worse, he doesn’t answer your calls or texts. He is unavailable for important events in your life; doesn’t have time to spend with you; or is always busy. The saying goes… “if he wanted to be a part of your life, he would think you were important enough and make the time…”

4.He is totally happy with his life–let’s face it, some people are happy with the single life. They enjoy the freedom of moving around when they choose or please. Not having to compromise or waiting for others input to make decisions. They may value their family and friends more than they value dating and may only be looking for a companion to spend time with on an intermittent basis.

5.It’s all about the money–Some men want to be financially stable to provide for his family in the future. He may want to provide for you. Take you places that he believes you deserve to go. One of the main instincts of men is to provide. If he values being a true provider, then he will place that above anything else and wait until he is able to provide for you and may be a family.

6.He’s a romance junkie–I think this relates more to women then men. There are some men who are romantics, who like the IDEA of being in love and the events that lead up to commitment but when it comes time to commit…that’s a different story.

7.He’s feeling pushed–Men DO NOT LIKE BEING PUSHED. The harder we try to make a man commit to us the faster he will run. When a man is being pushed to commit, it is like he is being forced to do something he may not be sure about. He may be uncertain that you are the one and your pushing him to commit is reinforcing that uncertainty. Like with everything in life, it takes time. Let things happen naturally… “Good things come to those who wait…”

8.He’s not ready for the responsibility–Some men are just not mentally prepared or mature enough to want to commit. They feel it may be a huge burden. A commitment comes with great responsibility. You no longer are thinking about yourself now you are also taking into consideration the person you are committed to. This person becomes a priority, not necessarily your number one priority, but within your top five. This can be mind boggling and overwhelming to some.

9.Here is one of my favorites because more than likely it is the one that rings true for most of us…simply put, he just wants sex. He doesn’t want all the other convoluted stuff that goes along with being committed…he just wants the simple pleasure of sex….much like the friends with benefits that I mentioned in one of my previous posts.

10.Lastly, he’s just not interested–hey, it happens, even to the best of us…he just doesn’t like you…he isn’t attracted to you…he thinks you are nice… but he may not be able to tell you point blank he isn’t interested…so he strings you along until you realize on your own accord that he isn’t interested and that it is time to move on. We, women, do the same thing. we have experiences where we are not interested but we do not know how to gently let a person know and we day-by-day withdraw from the situation until the other person realizes or comprehends it is not going to work…

Initially, when I was thinking about this post I was going to state the reason why men do not commit is because there are more women then men. The idea that the grass is greener and they have an array, smorgasbord, to choose from. They may be afraid to commit because something better may come along. We, women, also play a part. We bring baggage from previous relationships and make it hard for men to live up to our expectations.

We may not want to compromise when it comes to our wants or desires concerning the men we date but when we put limitations on what we expect from men. We decrease our dating pool…we may be missing out on the one that God intended us to be with…we may be excluding the ones that we truly need to be with…if things are not working the way you would like them to and you keep winding up with the same type of men…the change may be you…


The Leech of All Leeches

My cousin came over the other night and she and I were discussing my blog.  I told her about the leech I met from a social network app and she stated that I should definitely make a post about my experience.   
I met this young man who is quite attractive, very handsome and polite.  If anyone met him, they would think he was a good catch.  Oh, a person’s outer appearance can be quite deceitful…  How you ask? Well, let me continue my story… The young man came over my place one night and I cooked dinner for us.  So far so good, right? Actually, I was not going to cook dinner because I was tired from a long day’s work, so he offered to cook for us.  What’s wrong with that you ask? It was the first time that we were meeting!  The first time he saw my place.  I don’t know but call me old fashion for I am of the belief that you do not volunteer to cook dinner in someone’s kitchen that you are meeting for the first time unless it was previously discussed or planned.  
After I cooked dinner, he ate ALL the food.  That should have been a signed.  But, silly me, I ignored the forewarning.  Later that evening when I was ready to take him home (another sign…no transportation), I went to use the bathroom and this jerk was looking in my cabinets to see what I had to eat.  How do I know? Because he says to me, “I did not know you eat oodles of noodles?!”  Ummmm, how do you know what I eat? But that is not the worse of it, this fool went grocery shopping in my place (literally, with his own shopping bag!!!).  I gave him some oodle of noodles, waffles, corn dogs and juice.  I could not believe him.   After I dropped him off, I knew that was the end of that.  At least until he text me the next day while I was at work, asking to borrow money to pay his light bill because his electricity was cut off.   I could not believe the audacity of this leech.  I think he was looking for a suga momma.  Well, he needs to continue looking because I am not the one.   Again, not everyone is going to experience the same situation or even similar ones.  But, I do forewarn you to be careful, you never know where leeches are lurking around to suck the life out of you.