Motherhood and Dating

Being a single, mother is difficult within itself but when you add dating into the mix, it makes the situation even more complicated. Some of the men that I have encountered do not understand that I do not get to take a break from being a mother.

I would like to have the opportunity to date and spend quality time with them but the demands of being a mother is very demanding and consuming. At times, I am sadden because I have yet determine how to balance motherhood with dating. If anyone has any ideas, advice or suggestions, please share them. I would love to be enlightened.

Until then I will continue to put my child first and my needs second. Although it is very amusing at times because my son is always telling, “Mommy, you need a man!” Lol…but, he wants me to spend all my time with him playing Xbox. I don’t mind. I actually enjoy playing Xbox and the Call of Duty and Modern Warfare series with him. Plus, it allows the opportunity to relate to men and their videogame playing.

If any men are reading this, I hope they will become more understanding and forgiving. Being a single mother, isn’t easy. This may apply to the single fathers, too. There are men that have custody of their children and may experience the same trial and tribulations that we women experience. I would love to hear the perspective of being single fathers and dating…


2 thoughts on “Motherhood and Dating

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