Jeepers Creepers

I have been gone for a minute while I enjoyed the Memorial Day holiday and my family and friends. But, I am baaaaaaaaaaaaacccck! Anyway, I had to write about an event that occurred over the Memorial Day weekend. I visited one of my FWB (Friends with Benefits)–I will break done the different statuses in my next blog.

My FWB had one of his friends over and the guy seem nice at first but then he really turned into a creeper. Yikes!!!! You want to read the story…well, here it goes.

My FWB and I were sitting on one couch while his friend was sitting on the other couch across from us. My FWB asked to see my phone because I was on FB (Facebook), I gave him the phone and he beginning reading my FB messages. I did not mind my his reading my message because I trust him and did not have anything to hide but I did want to know which messages he was reading, so I tried to get the phone from him. While he and I were playing around over my phone, his friend was sneakingly taking pics of me. I see flashes of light going off and I am like ummm what are you doing? Are you taking pictures of me? Why are you sneaking pictures of me? Very creepy indeed!!!!!

Well, the friend left and my FWB and I went to the store. When we returned, his friend was returning at the same time. My FWB was talking to his friend on the phone as we were walking up the pathway to his house. He said that his friend was staring at me and I said so what. Why is he staring? Then he said, his friend said he wanted to see my thighs. I had this look of disgust on my face. I was not really upset, I was kind of amused that this idiot had the audacity to be rude and disrespectful in front of his friend.

My FWB and I went in the house and sat back on the couch to finish watching the game and to decide if we wanted to continue watching the game or go the movies later. His friend and another one of their friends walked into the house and the creep sat on the couch and kept staring at me. Now, my FWB had told the pervert not to bring the other friend to his house and he did anyways. SMH!!!!

The other friend goes into the kitchen and starts rummaging through my FWBs refrigerator (been there; done that….previous blog). I was truly amused at the behavior that was occurring. While my FWB was checking on his other friend, the creeper tells me that he thinks I am so sexy and whispers stuff. I told him thank you and I appreciate his opinion. When my FWB came back, I tried to avoid all eye contact as possible with creeper and focus on the game and my FWB. Finally, they creeper and other friend got the hint that they were not really welcome and they were interrupting our QT (quality time) moment. When the creeper was leaving, he reached out to shake my hand and said that he enjoyed meeting me and he hopes to see me again. All I could do was smile…

As I finish writing this passage, I am thinking of the famous Wizard of OZ line “Lions and Tigers and Bears! Oh my!” In my world, it is more like: “Leeches and Creepers and Pervs! Oh my!”


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