Jeepers Creepers

I have been gone for a minute while I enjoyed the Memorial Day holiday and my family and friends. But, I am baaaaaaaaaaaaacccck! Anyway, I had to write about an event that occurred over the Memorial Day weekend. I visited one of my FWB (Friends with Benefits)–I will break done the different statuses in my next blog.

My FWB had one of his friends over and the guy seem nice at first but then he really turned into a creeper. Yikes!!!! You want to read the story…well, here it goes.

My FWB and I were sitting on one couch while his friend was sitting on the other couch across from us. My FWB asked to see my phone because I was on FB (Facebook), I gave him the phone and he beginning reading my FB messages. I did not mind my his reading my message because I trust him and did not have anything to hide but I did want to know which messages he was reading, so I tried to get the phone from him. While he and I were playing around over my phone, his friend was sneakingly taking pics of me. I see flashes of light going off and I am like ummm what are you doing? Are you taking pictures of me? Why are you sneaking pictures of me? Very creepy indeed!!!!!

Well, the friend left and my FWB and I went to the store. When we returned, his friend was returning at the same time. My FWB was talking to his friend on the phone as we were walking up the pathway to his house. He said that his friend was staring at me and I said so what. Why is he staring? Then he said, his friend said he wanted to see my thighs. I had this look of disgust on my face. I was not really upset, I was kind of amused that this idiot had the audacity to be rude and disrespectful in front of his friend.

My FWB and I went in the house and sat back on the couch to finish watching the game and to decide if we wanted to continue watching the game or go the movies later. His friend and another one of their friends walked into the house and the creep sat on the couch and kept staring at me. Now, my FWB had told the pervert not to bring the other friend to his house and he did anyways. SMH!!!!

The other friend goes into the kitchen and starts rummaging through my FWBs refrigerator (been there; done that….previous blog). I was truly amused at the behavior that was occurring. While my FWB was checking on his other friend, the creeper tells me that he thinks I am so sexy and whispers stuff. I told him thank you and I appreciate his opinion. When my FWB came back, I tried to avoid all eye contact as possible with creeper and focus on the game and my FWB. Finally, they creeper and other friend got the hint that they were not really welcome and they were interrupting our QT (quality time) moment. When the creeper was leaving, he reached out to shake my hand and said that he enjoyed meeting me and he hopes to see me again. All I could do was smile…

As I finish writing this passage, I am thinking of the famous Wizard of OZ line “Lions and Tigers and Bears! Oh my!” In my world, it is more like: “Leeches and Creepers and Pervs! Oh my!”


The Leech of All Leeches

My cousin came over the other night and she and I were discussing my blog.  I told her about the leech I met from a social network app and she stated that I should definitely make a post about my experience.   
I met this young man who is quite attractive, very handsome and polite.  If anyone met him, they would think he was a good catch.  Oh, a person’s outer appearance can be quite deceitful…  How you ask? Well, let me continue my story… The young man came over my place one night and I cooked dinner for us.  So far so good, right? Actually, I was not going to cook dinner because I was tired from a long day’s work, so he offered to cook for us.  What’s wrong with that you ask? It was the first time that we were meeting!  The first time he saw my place.  I don’t know but call me old fashion for I am of the belief that you do not volunteer to cook dinner in someone’s kitchen that you are meeting for the first time unless it was previously discussed or planned.  
After I cooked dinner, he ate ALL the food.  That should have been a signed.  But, silly me, I ignored the forewarning.  Later that evening when I was ready to take him home (another sign…no transportation), I went to use the bathroom and this jerk was looking in my cabinets to see what I had to eat.  How do I know? Because he says to me, “I did not know you eat oodles of noodles?!”  Ummmm, how do you know what I eat? But that is not the worse of it, this fool went grocery shopping in my place (literally, with his own shopping bag!!!).  I gave him some oodle of noodles, waffles, corn dogs and juice.  I could not believe him.   After I dropped him off, I knew that was the end of that.  At least until he text me the next day while I was at work, asking to borrow money to pay his light bill because his electricity was cut off.   I could not believe the audacity of this leech.  I think he was looking for a suga momma.  Well, he needs to continue looking because I am not the one.   Again, not everyone is going to experience the same situation or even similar ones.  But, I do forewarn you to be careful, you never know where leeches are lurking around to suck the life out of you.    

My First Post

I moved to a new city about four months ago. I have met some characters and may forever be traumatized from dating. I met a stalker, a leech, and a married man. The stalker and leech were from a dating or social websites and the married man from work. Now, I have nothing against dating or social websites but I seem to have the worse luck when it comes to them. The stories I could tell! There is the new thing, well maybe not so new, on a popular social network where there are private groups you can network, meet the opposite sex and have real world rendezvous and sexcapades. At first, I thought, “Wow! What a wonderful way to meet new people!” After 5, 6 months, I was stressed and mentally beat down by the bullies that roam the groups looking for their next victim. Why do people become treacherous and mask their true selves through the lens of the Internet? I am not going to discourage you from choosing such options for your dating because not everyone’s experience is the same. I just caution you to be careful and know that you never know what you will get when you chose the Internet as your avenue for dating. Remember the State Farm commercial… “It must be true, it was on the Internet!” Hmmm, I beg to differ…